Concept Development Skills

The Concept Development Skills program(s) provide the knowledge and skills required for IT and other professionals to proactively engage with their line-of-business clients earlier in the lifecycle – Phases 1 (Initiation) and 2 (Concept Development) - in order to create greater value via business problem-solving which will then underpin better business cases, clearer requirements, better solution design, and more cost-effective project outcomes.

Gartner and IBM tell us that 60 per cent of IT projects still fail in terms of:

    • Running over time;
    • Exceeding budget; and/or
    • Falling short in scope/functionality.

McKinseys go further: Software projects regularly miss cost and schedule, while Non-Software projects do better on those dimensions but fail badly on realisation of benefits. They recommend a much stronger focus on (business) strategy and on stakeholders.

Unfortunately, this is largely due to Business executives still viewing IT as a cost centre which is more interested in technology than in the core business, while IT still despairs that they are called in too late in the system development lifecycle when client thoughts are already set in concrete despite not having fully investigated the original problem.

Foundation Certificate in Concept Development (FCCD)

The purpose of the Foundation Certificate in Concept Development Skills (CDS) is to certify that the candidate has gained knowledge of the CDS terminology, structure, and basic concepts, and has comprehended the core principles of Concept Development.

    • Introduction: Concept Development as a Practice (17.5%)
    • Purpose and Structure of First Client Meetings (7.5%)
    • Engagement Design and Estimation (15%)
    • Negotiation Principles and Structure of Second Client Meetings (10%)
    • Data Gathering Methods (17.5%)
    • Qualitative Data Analysis (7.5%)
    • Solution Synthesis Methods (7.5%)
    • Concept Development Report Preparation (2.5%)
    • Concept Development Presentation Preparation (10%)
    • Post-Engagement Review (2.5%)
    • Identifying, Converting Opportunities for Concept Development (2.5%)

Practitioner Certificate in Concept Development (PCCD)

Coming soon...!!! Watch this space.